Tech Support & FAQ

Q: What are the hardware requirements for WBM Tycoon?
A: Windows 8/ Windows 7/XP/Vista
3D card,
500MB free hard disk space

Q: I get an error: "An object or name was not found.", with no steps to reproduce. If I run in windowed mode, I just get that pop-up. If I run in full screen, it's just a black screen and this pops up.
A: Seems like you have some problems playing the intro video when the game starts (probably a directshow codec is missing). Try the following: A: On the Settings screen (the first popup that comes up when you run the game) select the following: Play intro video = NO Match Play Video = NO

Q: I am using AVG antivirus and I get an error when I run the game.
A: You must disable AVG and run again. Or just make an exception for WBM. Click here to see how.

Q: I play WBM Tycoon Steam version and the game crashes when I enter the match.
A: First disable temporarily windows UAC. (Here is how:
Do any one of the following:
Solution 1: Launch the game from inside steam and not the shortcut on your computer (on the first run from inside steam a .abt file will run in order to register the dll)

Solution 2: Locate the game folder ("C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\World Basketball Tycoon\dx8vb.dll" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World Basketball Tycoon\dx8vb.dll") Inside is a file called registerdx8vb.bat. Right Click the file and select "Run as administrator"

Solution 3: Download
Unzip inside the game folder and double click. Note that if you are using Vista, Windows7 or Windows 8 you must right click the file and select " and Run as administrator"

Solution 4: Download
Unzip anywere and run it.

Q: When I run the game I get a black screen and nothing happens
A: Install latest version and when run the game select "Play Intro Videos" > OFF and "Match Play Videos" > OFF